Quality of production of MD " Halal»

Production of meat semi-finished products is engaged in a lot of enterprises, but against this background, the products of MD "Halal" stands out for its high quality, meeting the standards of "organic food". This is due to the high quality of raw meat – no hormonal additives, environmentally friendly food, strict sanitary control at all stages of production.

Labelling of "Halal" means that in the production of pork is not used, and therefore, the products "Halal" permitted for consumption by Muslims. However, they will be to the taste of representatives of other faiths, and even unbelievers, because the taste is the main thing!

The main priority for us is the high quality of products MD Halal. In our production we use meat of animals and poultry grown on environmentally friendly feed, excluding hormonal additives.

At all stages of production: from the acceptance of raw materials to the sale of products, our Company conducts double sanitary and veterinary control, including regular laboratory tests.

TM " Meat yard Halal "is a food that meets the quality standards of"organic food".

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