Naturally healthy



"KMPC" today is a quickly developing Company focused on the production of convenience food of high quality. We managed to win the trust of our Consumers, due to laborious process of development and creation of exclusively natural product which can satisfy the gastronomic cravings of even the most demanding Gourmet.


Brand of

the company

The Company’s Brand is TM «MD Halal». It is clear from the title that the products are unique in their recipe, and the main ingredient that is used in the manufacture of meat products- meat, not only conforms to the quality standards but also undergoes purification in every sense- both physically and spiritually. This is what suggests food Halal.




Advantage of the “MD Halal” products is that they are completely free from artificial colors, flavors and GMO. That’s why this meal is healthy and has a rich taste given by Nature itself.


KMPC carefully selects suppliers of raw materials, primarily meat and poultry vendors. In our production we use ingredients grown without the use of genetic engineering.

choicest lamb
young chiсken fillet
marble beef