All products of Krasnogorsky Meat Processing Company are of quality Halal.

It should be noted that products labeled Halal can be eaten by people of any nationality and religion. For Muslims, the term "Halal" (from Arabic- “allowed”) is first and foremost a confirmation of compliance with the canons of Islam that prohibit the consumption of pork meat, meat with blood, or meat of an animal that died a natural death or was killed by some prohibited method.



The main priority for us is a high quality of MD Halal products, as it does not contain GMI, harmful preservatives and additives. KMPC carefully selects suppliers of raw materials, primarily meat and poultry vendors. In our production we use ingredients grown without the use of genetic engineering.

At all stages of production from the acceptance of raw materials to the sale of products, our Company conducts double sanitary and veterinary control.




The employees of the Company undergo a tight checking of personal hygiene as well as the maintenance of their workplaces.

Due to high production standards, the benefits of our convenience food are undeniable. The products of the Krasnogorsky MPC are popular not only among Muslims, but also among all adherents of healthy food.


Thus, TM "Halal Meat Yard" is food that conforms to the strict environmental requirements, which also fully meets the "organic food" quality standards.