"Halal" is a standard of quality. It is essential for us that the products are produced in accordance with accepted norms, in compliance with all technologies.



Halal rules imply certain technology of cattle breeding and its slaughter, such as:

• strict observance of sanitary and hygienic rules at all stages of production

• animal feeding only with natural forages without artificial additives and GMOs

• trustworthy absence of animal diseases that could harm human health



• respect for the animal before slaughter, during and after it, which prohibits the sharpening of tools for slaughter in the presence of the animal, the prohibition to cut with a blunt instrument, bringing suffering to the animal, the prohibition to cut one animal in the presence of another. All this prevents the release of adrenaline into blood of the animal which spoil the taste and useful properties of meat.

• recitation of a brief prayer just before the slaughter of each animal

• slaughter of an animal by fast cutting the carotid artery without delay

• carving of the carcase after a complete natural removal of blood, which otherwise is a favorable environment for the growth of bacteria. It is bleeding that gives meat a pleasant refined taste.




We are highly responsible not only for choosing meat for our products but also for selection of other basic components of delicious pelmeni, manti and vareniki, such as the highest quality flour, fresh eggs, natural spices. All this allows us to produce a unique product.

The production of MD Halal convenience food is almost completely automated, that guarantees a complete sterility of all process. For this we use the latest equipment of well-known European manufacturers.